Process and skills for your key events and personalized needs.

IPO Roadshow

A compelling roadshow is a critical component of a successful IPO. Both the recorded and live versions require pitch-perfect presentation skills. Learn to engage and persuade prospective investors using the Suasive methodology that has been used by companies for over three decades. Our intensive coaching for up to four senior executives is available virtually or in-person, in multiple formats, and can be customized to meet your requirements and time frame.

Financing Pitch

From an initial idea to a successful IPO, a company must raise funds to finance its growth by telling the story of its success. Our speaker coaching will prepare you to deliver effective presentations to angel investors, venture capitalists, high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds, private equity firms, and strategic investors as you make the very best case for the value of your company.

Quarterly Earnings Calls

Learn to deliver shareholder news, dividend reports, and quarterly earnings with authority. Our executive coaching will help with text preparation and review, as well as voice and presentation training, to help executives communicate clearly to shareholders, analysts, and investors.

Personal Coaching

Whether you’re looking for point-in-time coaching for a specific event or longer-term developmental coaching to build your brand and executive presence, we’ll put together a personalized plan delivered by one of our most senior facilitators to build both skill and confidence.

Speeches & Scripts

Struggling to craft your story? Not sure how to create a video script? We’ll help with messaging, script creation, slide and graphic design, speech writing, keynote speech development, and teleprompter use to distill the heart of your story and communicate it in a clear, meaningful way.

Media Training

On-camera appearances for TV broadcasts, video-on-demand, or online streaming require special skills. Our media training and executive coaching program teaches the skills long-practiced by reporters, journalists, and on-air talent so that you face the media with poise and confidence.

Voice Training

Your voice is an instrument. Our voice training helps you optimize your tone, articulation, and cadence so that you can deliver a powerful, impactful presentation that keeps your audience captivated and attentive. Our coaching includes techniques and exercises to enhance vocal tone, training to help you speak crisply and clearly, and accent reduction for those who speak English as a second language.

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