Story, Slides, Delivery, and Q&A. Virtually and in-person.

Time to Think Differently

It wasn’t long ago that Suasive coached predominantly in-person. Why? Because that was how traditional public speaking training was delivered—in a conference room, face-to-face, with participants fully engaged. Yet just as the world has changed full throttle and become a virtual classroom, our thinking has changed, too. We offer a virtual experience that’s just as powerful and effective as our traditional in-person coaching with the same hands-on coaching and interactivity. So how will we deliver your next training? The choice is completely up to you!

In-Person Training

Individual Attention

We started coaching over 30 years ago in an intimate setting: max of four people for three days, covering our full presentation skills methodology with extensive one-on-one coaching and video recording and playback analysis. This format has stood the test of time based on its success with senior execs and close-knit teams who want a high level of collaboration and discussion.

The intimacy of small groups allows for video recording,
detailed playback analysis, and application of feedback.

Customized Coaching

Learn with others in your organization in a program tailored to your group’s specific needs. Select the most meaningful combination of our Story, Slides, Delivery, and Q&A methodology in a one or two-day format. You’ll build your own presentation, piece by piece, as you complete highly interactive exercises and practice self-and peer-coaching. Audience size is a minimum of 14 with a maximum of 24 participants.

Our large group workshops sustain a personalized feel
through our emphasis on developmental coaching.

Collaborative Forum

In this two-day workshop you’ll join others from diverse organizations to learn our comprehensive Story, Slides, Delivery, and Q&A methodology. You’ll quickly stretch out of your comfort zone as you learn lifelong process and skills to become a more confident, compelling communicator.

Our public workshops quickly build camaraderie through observational
learning, peer coaching, and highly engaging, interactive exercises.

The Suasive
Learning Experience

  • Minimal lecture
  • High interactivity
  • Fast-paced
  • Skills, not theory
  • Innovative exercises
  • Team competitions
  • Content tailored to you
  • Self- and peer-coaching
  • Observational learning
  • Expert facilitation
  • Pushes the envelope
  • Creates transformation

"MobileIron’s business is growing rapidly and we needed to take our presentation skills as a management team to the next level. Jerry Weissman’s program did that for us. Jerry’s approach reaches into your brain and fundamentally changes how you approach delivering presentations and answering questions. Jerry’s approach is transformative yet practical and, in retrospect, simple. You don’t know how much better you can be until you go through it. I continue to use the skills I learned almost every day. They’ve become a part of who I am and how I communicate. "

Bob Tinker

Co-founder, BedRock Systems, Inc. | Former CEO, MobileIron

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