Suasive Presentation Coaching

Virtual. In-person. Train-the-Trainer.


While some training providers strive to be “all things to all people”
with an off-the-shelf program for every need, our philosophy is different. We believe in custom-made coaching, which has helped drive our clients’ communication success for over 30 years.


To customize your training, we’ll start with our proven methodology that covers Story, Slides, Delivery, and Q&A as the constant in every program. We’ll then work with you to adapt and format our methodology for a personalized program that fits like a glove and solves your individual or team communication challenge—whether presenting at a career-defining conference or launching a groundbreaking product.

Distinct Differentiators

Our programs push the envelope.
Here's what you'll experience that's different from the rest:

Think Tank

Be pushed beyond your comfort zone
as you self-discover both your strengths
and areas needing development.

Chunked Learning

You’ll learn a concept, watch it come to life in an
interesting business case study, apply it to your
own presentation, then repeat for the next concept.

Fast Track

There is never a slow moment because
facilitator lecture is “out” and highly
interactive group collaboration is “in.”

All About You

Apply our methodology to scenarios that are
fully tailored to you, and step-by-step
you’ll complete your very own presentation.


Be coached by a facilitator with decades of
experience in presenting, writing, selling,
developmental coaching, and the art of persuasion.


Class size and formats are flexible including
half- or single-day programs, two-or three-day
workshops, or any other format you prefer.

"Jerry helps you focus on the substance of your presentation rather than just its form. He forces you to think clearly and succinctly. As a result, not only does your audience understand your business better, you do too."

Christopher Spray

Former Senior Partner, Atlas Venture

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