Our Presentation Process

How to tell your story so the audience feels it’s their story.

One Methodology,
Multiple Applications

Use our proven methodology developed over 30 years ago by our founder, Jerry Weissman, to prepare for an industry conference, sales presentation, casual team update, or even a wedding toast. The common denominator is the need to form a critical connection between you and your audience. Suasive teaches a universal presentation skills process, applicable to an audience of one or 1,000, that helps move them to the meaningful action you want them to take.

Distinct Differentiators

Three distinguishing attributes. All contribute to powerful ROI.


We’ll push you to think differently about how you
communicate and present so you transform old
habits into a powerful new mindset and skillset.


You’ll increase your performance through our
ultra-logical, step-by-step progression of skills
that cuts development time and revisions in half.

Staying Power

You’ll learn efficiently so the methodology sticks
long after the program ends. The benefit: life-
changing skills and an exceptional investment.

Suasive Approach

A Reality Reboot

Thirty million presentations will be given today. Many will be ignored, far less will be remembered. Why? Old habits get in the way and impact persuasion:

  • The story is written from the perspective of the speaker
  • Slides are overloaded with info, overshadowing the presenter
  • Delivery lacks confidence, speaker appears rehearsed
  • Q&A misses the mark, speaker ignores the heart of the question

If this sounds like reality, it’s time to replace old habits with process-oriented methodology. We suggest starting with Story as the foundation of your coaching program, and then add Slides, Delivery, and Q&A in the combination that best meets your needs.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Learn a logical story development process: start with a laser-sharp objective, then think about what’s in it for your audience. Brainstorm all possible ideas and selectively filter so only the most important remain.

Next, add structure with a creative introduction and powerful closing. Ensure assertive, vivid language and verbalize to refine your message.

The result? A clear message that moves your audience to action.

Learn to design slides based on how audiences process images and apply these principles to slideshows, infographics, pitchbooks, and narratives.

Synchronize your body language with your slides and the audience for a fully integrated delivery.

The result? Crystal-clear, simple slides that keep the focus on the presenter.

Treat every communication as a series of person-to-person conversations using three high-impact Master Skills. Make your eye contact and gestures purposeful, and develop a natural pattern and tone for your voice.

The result? Develop a confident style that creates engagement and personal connection between you and your audience.

Learn a four-part Model to confidently respond to any question. Start by listening to identify the key word and gain the questioner’s agreement that you understand their question.

Next, organize your answer with a strategic position and supporting proof. Finally, go beyond the answer with a layer of persuasion to reinforce your benefits.

The result? Handle every question with confidence and clearly satisfy the questioner.


Business Outcomes

What’s In It For You

  • Adopt a Less is More mindset
  • Deliver technical content in an uncomplicated manner
  • Decrease dependence on slides and graphics
  • Make “The Ask” crystal-clear and compelling
  • Maximize eyes, hands and arms, voice
  • Manage interruptions and tough questions
  • Help high-potential individuals become leaders
  • Adopt a universal presentation process
  • Increase productivity and teamwork