Give ’Em What They Want

Managing your organization’s brand with the media, press, and industry analysts takes different communication styles. Journalists want the net/net commentary to write quickly and knowledgeably, while analysts crave in-depth information. The common denominator: deliver a crisp message that differentiates while continuously strengthening your relationship with these critical audiences.


Satisfy both the press and analysts with a clear, concise story
while controlling even the toughest questions.

Media Training Program Options

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Interactive executive media training delivered in
highly engaging, building-block sessions.

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

One, two, or three-day presentation training programs
with extensive self- and peer-coaching and an option
for video recording and playback analysis.
Other program formats are also available.

"Have you ever been faced with a tough question? Jerry Weissman shows how it’s not necessarily what the answer is. It’s how you answer that will allow you to prevail and win!"

Tim Koogle

Former President & CEO, Yahoo!, Inc.