The Need for a Perfect Pitch

Whether you’re raising financing to get your idea off the ground or you’re ready to go public, your message must be sharp, concise, crystal-clear. It must engage investors with limited attention spans by strategically tailoring your roadshow presentation or financing pitch to their perspective.

"Although determining a precise number is a virtual impossibility, one can safely assert that you have played a significant part in billions of dollars of capital formation. The downstream result has been hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the economic multiplier impact of revenues. You have every good reason to be proud of your behind the curtain Silicon Valley role over the past three decades."

Irwin Federman

Partner, USVP

Tell investors the only story they really care about:
what’s in it for them

"Talend went public at a time when few companies were braving the public markets. In spite of a challenging market we priced above the range and the stock traded up 50% on the first day. Having worked with Jerry in the past I knew he was exactly the guy I wanted to train our entire exec team for this critical time. He’s the best in the business. He has a unique toolkit that he arms you with, and he also gives incredibly perceptive feedback as you’re learning it. If you’re doing an IPO, use Jerry. You’ll thank me for it."

Mike Tuchen

CEO, Onfido | Former CEO, Talend

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In-Person Learning

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