About Us

An Enduring Mission

Originally founded in 1988 as Power Presentations, Ltd., we changed our name in 2017 to reflect our clients' goals: To make an impact, to influence, to get results, to persuade. We now welcome you to Suasive. The name has changed, but our mission has not: BE SUASIVE, BE HEARD.

Who We Are

Suasive, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based communication consulting company whose mission is to help make any type of communication easy for the presenter to tell and crystal-clear for the audience to follow. At the heart of the company is an incredibly passionate team of people who love maximizing the power of persuasion in any medium, for any audience. We’ve coached over 600 CEOs to deliver high stakes presentations for their IPO roadshows and raised hundreds of billions of dollars in the stock market—including Netflix, eBay, Twilio, Sonos, Lyft, and Freshworks. And we’ve worked with thousands of public and privately held companies across the globe to develop and deliver all types of business communications.

Our founder, Jerry Weissman, developed the Suasive methodology over 30 years ago when he came to Silicon Valley after producing public affairs and news programs at CBS TV in New York. One of his earliest efforts was the Cisco Systems IPO roadshow. Following its successful launch, Don Valentine, of Sequoia Capital, and then chairman of Cisco’s Board of Directors, attributed “at least two to three dollars” of the offering price to Jerry’s coaching. Today his methodology has helped thousands of companies worldwide deliver mission-critical presentations with clarity, confidence, and persuasion. Jerry is the author of five books on presentations and public speaking, which have been translated in 14 languages, and regularly blogs for Forbes.

Rose Bisciotti Stowell has extensive experience coaching senior executives and business development professionals to develop engaging stories that persuade, position value, and more quickly close business. She spent nearly 20 years at KPMG where she coached partners at every level through Vice Chairman and helped global engagement teams to craft client-focused presentations in the pursuit of new business. She also led and designed training for KPMG Consulting’s global technology sales force, the first sales force in the Big Five to grow to over 200 people and $2 billion in revenue in five years. After KPMG she spent eight years as an EVP at a global training company specializing in consultative selling before joining Suasive where she has been instrumental in designing next-generation courseware and is an Executive Coach and Master Facilitator.



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