The Necessity of Presence

Many strive to demonstrate executive presence, but what exactly is it?

In its purest form, executive presence is the ability to influence others and drive results.
Leaders with executive presence have masterful presentation skills and use both verbal and
non-verbal language to command the room, share their vision, and tap imaginations. They connect
deeply with their audience in a way that wins hearts and minds, and moves audiences to action.

Executive Presence:
style + substance + character

A powerful combination of spoken language and body language
that forges deep audience connection.

Executive Presence Training Programs

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Interactive presentation training and executive coaching
delivered in highly engaging, building-block sessions.

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

One, two, or three-day presentation training programs
with extensive self- and peer-coaching and an option
for video recording and playback analysis.
Other program formats are also available.

"There are those rare people who can stand up in front of an audience and deliver an impromptu, high-impact message. For the rest of us, there is Jerry Weissman, who helps us create a high-impact presentation. His methodology lets you go beyond the jargon of any profession and develop a presentation that will be meaningful to your audience. Miraculously, your confidence will soar."

Les Vadász

Former Executive Vice President, Intel Corporation