Public Speaking Training: The Irony

We communicate every day, professionally and personally, often from the moment we wake up. Communication is the lifeblood of human relationships, it connects mankind. It fuels every business meeting, product launch, and sale. So here’s the irony. If communication empowers the planet,
why do most people receive little training for something so critical?

Think of how many
great communicators you know.

While most can speak, few are highly effective, persuasive speakers.

Effective communication programs

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Interactive communication skills training delivered in
highly engaging, building-block sessions.

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

One, two, or three-day presentation training programs
with extensive self- and peer-coaching and an option
for video recording and playback analysis.
Other program formats are also available.

"As a scientist and businessman, I made hundreds of presentations to varied audiences, however these presentations were often too scientific or detailed. Jerry’s outstanding methods and process helped to transform and hone my presentation skills to get laser-focused on the message of each slide, the flow of the presentation and the manner of presenting. This greatly aided me in raising a Series B round from VCs and eventually in negotiating a deal to sell the company to DuPont."

Glenn Nedwin, Ph.D

CEO, TripleDNA Consulting, LLC