The Wizards Behind the Curtain

Behind every eloquent senior executive is a skilled team responsible for their communication.
The messaging, materials, and deliverables to be developed are endless—speeches, presentations,
keynotes, shareholder meetings, slide decks, narratives, and Town Halls, just to name a few.
The timeframe to create them is often short and the development process can be stressful.

Triple benefit of our training

Bolster your executive’s leadership presence.
Enhance your own reputation.
Minimize stress during the revision process.

Programs for Executive Communications Teams

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Interactive presentation skills training for
executive communications teams delivered in
highly engaging, building-block sessions.

In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

One, two, or three-day presentations skills programs
with extensive self- and peer-coaching and an option
for video recording and playback analysis.
Other program formats are also available.

"Jerry Weissman is an expert in helping leading technology executives improve the clarity and substance of their communication. Jerry does an excellent job of giving sound recommendations that will lead to better communications and leadership."

Jim Breyer

Founder & CEO, Breyer Capital